Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Help Leisure Suit Larry Keep on Looking For Love in even more Wrong Places

As has been the trend lately - and following on from the hugely successfully Double Fine Adventure campaign - Al Lowe and Replay Games have decided to take to Kickstarter in an attempt to breathe new life into Leisure Suit Larry.

They are planning a re-mastered version of the first game in the series, and if that is commercially successful, they promise to remake other Larry games and to even start work on some new original Larry titles.

But they need your help. The Kickstarter project is nearing its end and they have raised almost 80% of their target total. Help Al Lowe reach his target by following the link and supporting retro Adventure gaming here.

And don't forget to check out my extensive interview with Al Lowe again, who was a fantastic guy with a lot of interesting stories - who really deserves our support. Read the full interview here.
Long live Larry Laffer!