Monday, 26 November 2012

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Review

Video Game Designer Warren Spector helped change the face of flight simulators with the Wing Commander games in the nineties. Then he changed the way that we play first person shooters with Deus Ex in the noughties. Now, he has set it upon himself to update and change our views on a Walt Disney game, challenging our preconceptions and trying to open up the world of Mickey Mouse and his friends to gamers of all ages.

This began two years ago with Epic Mickey, but that game was only ever released on the Wii, and suffered from the being lost in a sea of children’s titles and casual games. It also struggled with an awkward camera and fiddly controls at the same time, but that hasn’t stopped Spector and his Junction Point Studios from working on a multi-platform sequel that looks to address some of these issues and hopefully find a larger audience for their title.

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Friday, 23 November 2012

The Walking Dead: Episode Five – No Time Left Review

The epic The Walking Dead: The Game, from Telltale Games, finally comes to an end this month - and the dramatic, shocking conclusion is bound to leave players in a state, possibly leaving them as an emotional wreck. The game really is that involving, and players have such a strong connection to the protagonists.

The story, of course, picks up where we left off, Clementine has been kidnapped by an unknown assailant and Lee is determined to track her down and save her. Whether any of the other survivors are there to help you or not depends on your choices in the past, and will make this episode quite a different affair from one player to the next. Of course, not everyone will be happy with the way the story develops, but Telltale do make us feel like what we have done did shape that outcome. More than in any other instalment in this series, the way that events play out here can differ greatly and all of the choices that have been made up to this point have some sort of influence to the finale.
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Friday, 9 November 2012

Chaos on Deponia Review

As if one Deponia game a year wasn't enough, Daedalic Entertainment have now released the sequel to the smash hit adventure game, only months after the first. The original Deponia was stuck in translation and localisation hell for a long time - being a hit in Germany, but nowhere else.

Now both games are available in English, and Chaos on Deponia improves on its predecessor in almost every way - making it well worth a look.

Carrying on right where we left off after part one, we once again take on the mantle of Rufus, the scruffy yet well-meaning pauper who has found out about a diabolical plot to blow up his home planet of Deponia, by the evil Organon, a group of Stormtrooper-like baddies who police the luxury neighbouring world of Elysium. Rufus must get to Elysium himself and prove that there is life on Deponia that needs to be saved. To do that, he needs the help of Elysian lovely Goal, but her memory chip has been damaged so she can’t clearly remember the actions of Clefus, her fiancĂ©, who is in league with the Organon.

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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes Review

Following on from Deponia, Daedalic Entertainment have been busy, and here they return to the series for which they made their name - Edna and Harvey. For the sequel, Harvey's New Eyes, we control a new character to the series - the quiet, innocent Lilli.

The game is still a crazy, violent, dangerous one - where players must help Edna escape the evil clutches of Dr. Marcel once again, and expose the exploits of the mad Doctor to the world.

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