Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Tim and Ron strike back - Adventure gaming dream team back together.

In a piece of news which is bound to set the minds of adventure gaming fans racing, Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert have announced that they are working together on games at Double Fine Studios. Double Fine is currently working on four games for publisher THQ, with Costume Quest first up on the release slate. Details on the other three games are still yet to be announced, and the new Ron Gilbert project is going to be added to this list.

Gilbert and Schafer worked together on the first two Monkey Island games, as well as working on Day of the Tentacle as a team for some time before the departure of Gilbert from Lucasarts. Their most recent releases have been Deathspank and Brutal Legend respectively, and they also both provided commentary - along with Dave Grossman - for the Monkey Island 2 Special Edition.

In a related note, Gilbert has said that he thinks there is some life in adventure games, and the download success of the Monkey Island Special Editions, for example, shows promise that the genre could make a comeback - but he is not making any suggestions that his upcoming project will be an adventure title.

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