Saturday, 3 March 2012

Gemini Rue Collector's Edition Review

Since 1997, budding Adventure Game Developers have been using AGS, a freeware development tool known as the Adventure Game Studio, to produce their own point and click games, attempting to emulate the 2D classics of old from the big names such as Lucasarts and Sierra. Many of these games are simply fan projects, gamers who want to create spin-offs from their favourite franchise, re-using sprites from existing games. However, there is also a solid community of developers who work on their games for years, and create fully-featured titles that are entirely their own work. One of these is Joshua Nuernberger, whose third Adventure Game made with AGS has come as somewhat of a revelation, and is now receiving a special Collector’s Edition boxed retail release, courtesy of Indie Game publishers Wadjet Eye Games.

Set in the year 2228, in a dystopian future where we find ourselves in the Gemini System, a system of planets controlled by the Crime Syndicate the Boryokudan. Throughout the game, players will get to control two protagonists; Azriel Odin, a former assassin for the Boryokudan who is now a crime fighter searching for his missing brother, and Delta Six, a man known simply as Charlie who finds himself in some sort of rehabilitation centre named Center 7, where he has just had his memory forcibly erased.

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  1. An excellent review on a truly excellent game. I do consider Gemini Rue to really be on par with major adventure of the early to mid nineties.

    And the Collectors (physical) edition does sound very tasty...


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