Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hoodwink Review

There is a bit of an uprising in games development recently in the less developed countries of the far east. Obviously, Japan has been the powerhouse that has been making classic video games since day one and China has been emerging for quite some time as well now, but smaller countries such as Malaysia and Singapore are now taking a foothold – with digital distribution allowing smaller development teams to share their games with the world – in a self-published state.

That is where Hoodwink has originated from. The Kuala Lumpur based team at E-One Studio have taken on the resurgent Adventure Game genre, and put a very eastern slant on proceedings, then they have mixed that with a Film Noir vibe; which is certainly very western. How does this mash-up gel together?

See the full review of this sci-fi tinged Neo Noir Adventure game here at

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