Monday, 20 August 2012

Deponia Review

The latest Adventure Game from Daedalic Entertainment - the team behind the Whispered World and Harvey & Edna - is the beautiful 2D cartoon advenure Deponia. It has been long in development, and although it was released in Germany some time ago, it has only just received an English translation.

Deponia is a planet that is almost entirely covered in junk. There are a few settlements scattered across the planet, such as Kuvac, where inhabitants live within the rubble and re-use and recycle the trash in order to build homes, entertain themselves and even source their food and supplies. Enter Rufus, a good-hearted scoundrel who plans to leave the planet and find a better life on Elysium, the interconnected planet where most of the trash comes from. Rufus was left on Deponia at a young age by his father, and this only further fuels the fire of his desire to get away and better his life.

Read the full review over at here.

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