Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Lost Planet 3 Review

Despite being the third title in the series, Lost Planet 3 is refreshing in the sense that it completely tears up the franchise rule book and carves out its own identity as a game. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is all for the better, but with the series no longer under in-house development in Japan, American studio Spark Unlimited have seized the opportunity to re-launch Lost Planet as a very different proposition to what came before with a radical new prequel.
It still takes place on E.D.N III like the first and second game, but rather than the base at Coronis being an established colony you now control Jim Peyton, a contractor who has taken up the opportunity to be among the first humans to explore the planet and earn some big money at the same time. You work for a mining company who is backed by NEVEC (the Neo-Venus Construction Company), who were previously the main antagonists in the series. At this point in the past, however, they seem innocent enough, but you will start to learn more and more troubling information as the story unfolds.

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