Friday, 11 June 2010

Discs? Where we're going we don't need... discs.

Following the news yesterday that Telltale Games are working on an episodic adventure series centered on the Jurassic Park universe, the same company has announced that as part of the same partnership, they will also be bringing out a downloadable season of Back to the Future adventure games.

Dan Conners, CEO of Telltale Games said, “Our partnership with Universal is an exciting next step in our continued growth as a mass-market games publisher and developer.” And for both games they plan to, ” leverage Telltale’s expertise in story-telling and game design to deliver on the unique elements of each series, with our goal being to create compelling cinematic adventures paying homage to each franchise.”

Back to the Future games have been a pretty awful collection so far, with the best of the bunch being the Japanese-only release, Super Back to the Future II, which saw the player Hoverboard their way through cartoon-stylised recreations of locations from the second movie. But there has been no attempt to make the series into adventure games - until now!

Back to the Future is due to arrive on multiple platforms this winter, with Jurassic Park coming sometime shortly after.

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