Monday, 28 June 2010

King's Quest to return to the Throne

In what has been a dramatic U-turn, Activision - who in February hit fan developers Phoenix Online Studios with a Cease and Desist order on their fan sequel in the King's Quest series: The Silver Lining - has now reversed their decision, and are allowing the developers to release the game. An agreement has been reached to allow the game to be released as an episodic series, which will begin next month. This is the second time the Phoenix has figuratively risen from the ashes, as the game was first called to cease development by Vivendi in 2005.

In The Silver Lining, King Graham rides back out into an adventure to save his children, Alexander and Rosella, from the effects of a mysterious curse.We have been promised many familiar characters and locations from the King's Quest series, but the game is intended so that it can be played by those unfamiliar with the history of the series.

Episode 1: What is Decreed Must Be can be downloaded for free from the official website on July 10th.

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